Maris Stella High School Beside The Woodleigh Residences

Education is the best gift one can give to their children but what matters is the early schooling and hence its got to be the best. It is not just basic education that a school must be capable of succeeding with but core human values as well. And that is exactly what Maris Stella high school aims at. In here, your children will not only learn skill and expertise in different areas but will learn how to live life to the fullest. Maris Stella High School is located near to The Woodleigh Residences by Singapore Press Holdings. It is a mix development with commercial shops and is right next to Woodleigh MRT Station.

Maris Stella High School Near to The Woodleigh Residences

This involves taking the right path in life by loving and respecting others, helping people in need, making the world a better place and to succeed as an individual.

Maris Stella High School Woodleigh MRT Station

It is only the faith that can take a person on a right path and that helps him see things in a very positive approach. In this school, your child will not grow as any other man but as a gentleman of faith. It helps your children learn to become more responsible and embed moral values in themselves. These values can help them with good health, peace of mind and the power to think wisely in everything they do. So they are more likely to succeed in their goals and this also helps them to earn a good reputation in the society.

Woodleigh Residences by Singapore Press Holdings

At Maris Stella high school, your children can experience an age-old tradition that has created perfect Marists for several decades now. The school has won many awards and recognition for its efforts to bring out the best in their students. They have highly qualified teachers who can ensure each and every child in school gets equal attention. All students here are treated equally and are taught how to treat others well too. The school has a state of the art infrastructure that enables children there to become mentally and physically strong.

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