Kajima Development Developer for Woodleigh Residences

The Kajima Development is one of the largest and the oldest companies of Japan. It was found by Iwakichi Kajima in 1840. It is basically a construction company. Kajima is one of the companies who has witnessed the transformation of Japan from an isolated Nation into a technically developed Nation. Kajima’s were the first to build European style buildings in Japan. We can also say that Kajima Corporation started European influenced structures in Japan. Kajima very quickly established reputation of excellence in building tunneling and Road lines.

Kajima Development The Woodleigh Residences

Being an oldest construction company Kajima have completed many infrastructural projects in Japan. Kajima not only build railroads but they also build hydroelectric dams during early 1920’s. Kajima Corporation had involvement of private stockholders due to which they were able to arrange large capital for their project during the worldwide economic depression. Kajima Development is the developer for The Woodleigh Residences located at Woodleigh MRT Station by Singapore Press Holdings as well. Singapore Press Holdings and Kajima Development are the developers of the project located next to Woodleigh MRT Station.

Kajima Development Mix Development by Singapore Press Holdings

Japan was completely ruined by the war and was unable to feed or rebuild itself. The situation created a great opportunity for a construction company like Kajima to build houses and to repair damaged structures. Kajima Development developed itself so much that it established its own Institute of construction technology (KICT). Where researchers construct and develop new materials which are efficient and durable. Kajima Development Woodleigh Residences is a mix development at the city fringe of Bidadari Housing Estate.

Kajima Development Japan Developer

Kajima Development also created employment for the citizens of Japan. In 1950s Kajima Corporation design a nuclear reactor, they were the ones who build number 1 atomic reactor energy Research Institute in Japan. The company name Kajima was changed to Kajima Development in 1972 to reflect there International character as they had there International branches available all over the world. One of the best inventions of Kajima Development is that they build Shield tunnel borer which was capable of making sharp turns. The KICT introduce new methods for efficient tunneling by using water Jets and concentrated spraying robots. At last I will say that if somebody wants to work in this company this company is good for learning experience, in this company they give regular trainings, there is also nice environment to work.

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